How often should I water?

During the growing season, it is recommended that you replace daily what is lost through evapotranspiration. When you first turn your system on, you can begin by watering manually as needed. Once the season progresses a little, set the slider switch to water every 2nd, 3rd or 5th day. For the slider to work, each day must be set as an “On” day in the days to water section. Once the grass starts growing and the leaves are budded out on your trees, you should water every day. Moving the slider to the “c” position which will then have you watering every day. When you first start watering daily, use the “adjust water %” feature to give your yard just what it needs to get by, usually in the 30% range. Add about 10% each week, until you are watering 100% when it is hot and dry in early summer. If we get some exceptionally hot windy weather during the summer, you can go higher than 100%. Look at your lawn and landscape and set your timer accordingly. If we get a good rain, turn it off for a few days until things dry out. As the late summer rains come, adjust your water % down. As the fall comes, get your water % down to about 30% again and then start skipping watering days as you see fit.