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Water Works Annual News Letter
Celebrating Our Tenth Year of Doing Business in Durango

Spring Greetings to all our customers. We hope you and your gardens have survived this winter well
We are looking forward to another season of helping you with all your sprinkler and irrigation system needs.

Jeff Johnson will again be managing the Service Department. With ten years experience, you know you can count on his knowledge and training of our Service Department technicians to handle all your maintenance and repair needs.

Josh Stafford returns for his fifth season and will again be the on-site manager for our Installation Department. Josh works hard to make every new installation the best job we have ever done, using the latest in irrigation components and techniques.

Martha Palimeri will again manage our home base office in Bodo at 635 Turner Drive. You will need to speak to her about all your service, billing and scheduling needs. During the spring turn on and the fall winterizing we are often booking appointments up to two weeks in advance, so please plan ahead during those times.

We strongly urge you to contact us via email if thatís convenient or practical for you. Itís a great alternative to the telephone during our busy times. Last year we began scheduling service calls and answering questions via email. We will also be sending out our yearly newsletter via email to those of you who give us your email address.

Please check out our new web site for news you can use, maintenance of your sprinkler system (including tips on watering times), and information on the products we use. We will be including an FAQ section, which will provide you with answers to our most commonly asked questions and service problems. You will also find guidelines for determining the best time to turn on and shut off your system every season. We welcome your suggestions for additional content and information youíd like to see.

Changes for 2002 - We have held the line on our service call rates for several years, even as our costs and overhead have continued to go up. This year our charge for a service call in Durango will be $50.00. This is our minimum charge up to the first 45 minutes, after which we charge by the hour, or portion of the hour. Our labor rate for a service technician is $50.00 per hour. Out of town service calls will be based on travel time in addition to time on the job. We try to group our out of town calls on the same day to minimize travel expenses. We will continue to offer senior citizen discounts, (please remind us when you call for service).

At our request, many of our customers have allowed us to install winterization valves. This allows us to turn your water on and off from outside the house. This is a great convenience for all concerned, and keeps us from having to tromp through your house to the crawl space and eliminates one of the least desirable and unsafe aspects of the job for our service staff.

Scheduling ĖIn the past, many of our customers had us determine when to turn their system on in the spring and off in the fall. Due to big variations in the weather from year to year, our best guess has not always worked for everyone, so we have decided to ask all our customers to call for these services when they feel the time is right. It is hard to second-guess the weather in Durango, but here are a couple factors to consider when operating your sprinkler system.

Does you system have any above ground components that could freeze, such as a backflow preventer or exposed PVC pipe? If you do, it would be wise to turn it on no earlier than mid April and off no later than Oct. 15th.
If you live out of Durango at a high elevation, your safe season may only be from May through September.

We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes for a green season.

Jim Bolton & the Water Works Staff