How do I maintain my drip zone?

Drip systems are highly specialized and are often the most overlooked part of the sprinkler system. Most drip systems have emitters and small _ in. tubing that runs to each plant or tree. Large shrubs or trees may have multiple emitters. Emitters get clogged very easily and no water will be seen coming out of the tubing at the termination point. In most cases, the clogged emitters will have to be replaced with new ones. Some emitters put out much more or less water than they were designed for and will also need to be changed. Micro sprays are also part of the drip system, and may also need to be changed or cleaned. Most drip zones have a filter right after the valve that should be cleaned at least once a year. As your trees and shrubs grow, more or larger emitters should be added to keep up with the demand. Dig around the root zone of your trees and shrubs to see if there is adequate moisture in the soil, and adjust the system accordingly. Most drip zones put down small amounts of water and will need to run from 20 to 60 minutes a day to provide adequate moisture. If your soil drains poorly, you may be better off running your drip zone only 2 or 3 times a week.