Rust Removal

Your home and landscaping restored to its beautiful condition

Remove Unsightly Iron Stains from Your Home

The Saline, Ann Arbor, and Dexter area is known for its "iron-enhanced" water. And if your water source is an underground well, than you know what we are talking about. Unsightly orange and brown stains caused by an abundance of iron in your irrigation water can cover siding, rocks, walkways, driveways, roads and your entire landscape. This is detrimental to the appearance of your home.

We use the best products in the industry made specifically for rust removal and prevention.
We have two options for Rust Removal:

Rust Removal Service

This includes a service technician coming to your home or business and applying a rust remover to all affected areas by use of a handheld sprayer. This is very effective in removing rust completely in most situations. The process usually takes 1-4 hours depending on the size and scope of your job. This is much less costly in the short-term.

Rid-O-Rust System installation

We install a system designed to treat well water used in irrigation systems. This is a complete rust prevention system usually installed in the basement and feeds a solution directly into the sprinkler system mainline. This is not installed on your in-house water.