Watering Tips

Lawn, garden, and irrigation tips from the pro's

Springtime is Fertilizer Time

Although the grass is getting much needed water, it still needs nutrients. Springtime is the best time to fertilize. Whether you have a company that fertilizes for you, or you do it yourself, do it in the Spring. Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) make up most lawn fertilizers. A mix high in Nitrogen and potassium are preferred for the spring application.

Enjoy a Green Lawn While Conserving Water

Sunny skies and warm weather will take us into the summer where utilization of your irrigation system will ensure a healthy and great looking home. At Water Works Sprinkler Systems, we pay very close attention to water conservation. By decreasing the zone run times, we can adequately water the grass without run-off and wasting any excess water. We have saved hundreds of dollars for our customers that use city water to irrigate while maintaining a plush lawn. Feel free to contact us for tips on saving water as well as recommended watering times and zone run times.