Winterize Your System

Don't wait! Protect your system from freeze damage.

Protect Your Sprinkler System from Winters Damage

Freeze damage can cause major headaches and destroy your sprinkler system, resulting in expensive repairs. We blow out the entire system to prevent damage from water freezing in pipes, heads, and/or valves through the winter. This must be done each fall to eliminate costly repairs in the spring. Our winterizations are FULLY GUARANTEED.

By using compressed air with high volume and low pressure, we remove all water from pipes, valves, heads, and vacuum breaker. At this time, we recheck the vacuum breaker for proper drainage and shut the controller down for the winter months.

Water Works makes fall winterization calls to Ann Arbor and Washtenaw county beginning in September and continuing through November. Be sure to schedule your fall blow-out in advance to ensure winter's freeze doesn't damage your investment.