Sprinkler Repair

Fast and affordable repairs of your troubled sprinkler system

Repair Services - Large or Small

Water Works is a full service lawn sprinkler company. We consider our service department to be the best in the area. Our goal is to offer the highest quality service at affordable rates. From fixing one problematic sprinkler head, to overhauling an entire system, we are here to do it all. From basic repairs to extensive rennovations, our expert service technicians are ready to diagnose and repair any irrigation issue that you may have in a professional and timely manner. We can create a one-time project or service plan that meets all of your irrigation needs.

By properly maintaining your sprinkler system, you can ensure that your investment lasts many years. We use only OEM warranted Hunter, Rain Bird products. Although you may have another brand of product, these parts are fully interchangeable. Updating to a superior product at time of repair is one way we insure longevity.

As part of our service calls, we evaluate the efficiency of your system and adjust your watering times to save water and money. In many cases, this increases the life of your valves, heads, and controller by reducing the run times or frequency for a water-efficient sprinkler system.

Sprinkler System Renovation

Renovate your existing system by upgrading to new, efficient heads with proper coverage. Replace cracked dripline in your plant beds that may be leaking and not watering effectively. Many of the systems that we service are over 10 years old and still utilize the original heads. These heads have generally reached the end of there life and start to fail. We upgrade to new lawn rotors or sprayheads that have proper coverage and will last well beyond their 5-year warranty.