Water Efficient Sprinklers

Green lawns and green savings

Water Saving Sprinkler Systems

We offer a couple of water saving sprinkler products and services.

First, the Hunter SolarSync. This weather sensor takes into account continual on-site weather conditions and seasonal weather averages and adjusts your controller accordingly. We have seen water savings up to 55%. No more service calls to adjust your controller, with the installation of a SolarSync, you are transforming your current system into a "Smart" system. If you have a city water source, you could see great money savings as well as conserving our resources. This is the first step in "going green".

We offer a free start-up and evaluation with the installation of a Hunter SolarSync!

Secondly, we offer special rates for our Service Contracts. We have three options to choose from. (Please call for pricing)

  • Standard - Includes Spring turn-on and evaluation, and winterization.
  • Standard Plus - Includes Spring turn-on, one seasonal adjustment, and winterization.
  • Water Saver - Includes spring turn-on, TWO seasonal adjustments, and winterization.

Water Works is very conservation minded. Our first priority is that your sprinkler system is in great working order and has full and proper coverage. Secondly, that the system is not wasting water due to over-watering and run off. Run-off is inevitable in a newly seeded or sodded lawn but is quickly remedied after the grass is established. Water Works has saved our customers thousands of dollars in water costs while maintaining a green and healthy lawn throughout the year.